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Map of Cook Islands
Flag of Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Kia Orana, may you live long, that is
the friendly greeting in the Cook Islands. It is not only the greeting
it is the hospitality the friendship and the warmth of the people which makes a visit to these wonderful islands in the South Pacific an unforgettable holiday experience. This is a delightful country where the main island Rarotonga offers a wide range of activities.

Here you can find all you need for an relaxing holiday, good restaurants, culture shows, shopping, water sport and of course the most beautiful beaches. A short flight away are the less developed but most amazing other 14 islands and atolls that this small nation has to offer.
We have visited a lot of beautiful beaches around the world but we were absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of Aitutaki with its impressive lagoon, an ideal location for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

Monika on Island cruise Aitutaki
Traditional dance, Rarotonga
Aitutaki logoon
Traditional dance, Rarotonga        Little island at Aitutaki        Sunset Aitutaki
One food island
Jurgen swimming in crystal clear waters
Aitutaki lagoon

We would recommend an island experience including the most beautiful island of Aitutaki and the “main” island of Rarotonga. 
Aitutaki lagoon and its islands are breathtakingly beautiful. The pictures on this side are like a postcard of the small palm tree fringed tropical island, with shallow, warm turquoise waters, corals, tropical fish and blue skies. The lagoon is large and it, takes more than an hour on a remarkable boat trip to cross it. We suggest 3-5 days in one of the romantic beachside retreats of Aitutaki before you cross the ever blue pacific on your flight to Rarotonga  Experience one of the spectacular culture shows and discover the beauty of this island. There are lots of good restaurants, colourful shops, good water sport activities and of course amazing beaches to enjoy. For Rarotonga we would recommend a stay of 4-7 days.

Beach in Aitutak with coconut palm  Boat trip, Aitutaki lagoon

Boat trip, Aitutaki lagoon  Boat trip, Aitutaki lagoon

Boat trip, Aitutaki lagoon  Boat trip, Aitutaki lagoon
We can design customized itineraries for journeys of any length or in combination with a holiday in New Zealand or Australia!

Our recommendation for a beautiful stay at Rarotonga:

Sokala Villas - Rarotonga

Sokala Villas is a romantic beachfront property on beautiful Muri Beach, Rarotonga.The 6 villas come with their own facilities and 4 with own swimming pools. You will be just a few steps away from the tranquil turquoise lagoon where you can snorkel by day and relax with a drink at sunset. SGH Travel recommends Sokala Villas as the place to stay on Rarotonga.

Sokala Villas - Rarotonga
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