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Map of Argentina Plaza de Congreso, Buenos Aires 
Flag of Argentina

Argentina is the eight-largest country in the world. The
central region of Argentina is the rich plain known as
La Pampa
. Jungle in the extreme northeast, Patagonia
in the southern half, the rugged Andes mountains in the east and rocky desert in
the west. Argentina is a country of extreme landscape and beauty. We loved the places we have visited. Buenos Aires, the Paris of the Americas with its European influenced architecture, parks, and its citizens consider themselves European. It is famous for the tango, superb restaurants, and the best shopping on the continent. We enjoyed it!  And there was one of the greatest wonders of the world: Iguaçu – the most spectacular waterfall we have seen so far. It is a mustSmile
Another day trip we can recommend is Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay with its rich culture heritage just on the other side of the Rio de la Plata facing Buenos Aires. This lovely historic village is the oldest town in Uruguay and only a short trip away from Buenos Aires. The lakeside town of Bariloche and the Northern part of Patagonia are also part of our Argentina memories. Argentina has a fascinating range of travel opportunities. We can organize some very interesting journeys customized to your expectations in Argentina and other countries in South America.


Bariloche Iguacu, Waterfalls Plaza de Congreso, Buenos Aires Rainforest Tucan Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay

We can design customized itineraries for journeys of any length in Argentina or in combination with any other destination in South America!

8 Day Argentina Explorer from US$ 2800 p.p.

Start your adventure in Buenos Aires, with a swirl of activities, embracing a fluid cultural growth and sharing their vivid love for life. Known for a history of fine arts and creativity, a trip through the city promises a taste of European-influenced architecture and tremendous landscaping catering to a multitude of communities. Make your way to a traditional countryside home, and enjoy the company of gauchos and flavours of the local specialty, asado. Watch an authentic performance by professional Tango dancers, a passion conceived here and nurtured by the locals. Enjoy your daytrip to the beautiful historic town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Fly to Iguaçu Falls to see the most spectacular falls in the world. See one of the most supreme creations of nature from both the Brazilian side and the Argentine side, each showcasing a different aspect of this wonder.

Winery in Mendoza  Congress building, Buenos Aires  Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay  Casa Rosada (Pink House), Buenos Aires  Iguacu Waterfalls
10 Day Argentina Signature from US$ 4200 p.p.

Your journey starts in captivating Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, known as the Paris of South America. Enjoy a private guided tour through the city, taking in the European-influenced architecture and vibrant public spaces before experiencing an evening dinner of regional Argentine cuisine and a spectacular tango show. Fly to El Calafate in remote Patagonia, located on the southern shore of Argentino Lake. Visit Los Glaciares National Park, with its main attraction of the spectacular glaciers which are found here. You will have the opportunity to trek on Perito Moreno Glacier as well as sail to Upsala Glacier. Fly to the impressive Iguaçu Falls, on the border with Brazil, and one of Argentina's most popular tourist sites. Marvel at nature's wonder as you view the falls from both the Argentine and Brazilian side. Return to Buenos Aires for an overnight stay and depart the next day.

Tango  Los Glaciares National Park  Glacier Patagonia  Perito Moreno Glacier  J&M at Iguacu Falls
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